M E R C U R Y   T H E A T E R   O F   T H E   A I R
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First Show: 07-11-38                             Last Show: 12-04-38
Number Shows: 22                                 Audition Show: none

Show Description:

THE MERCURY THEATER OF THE AIR was first heard as a Summer series of 
nine shows, on CBS affiliated stations and in Canada on the CBC.  It 
was the first time a theater company brought drama to the radio, 
primarily.  The shows were hour-long dramatizations of classic books.
It was produced and directed by Orsen Welles, probably one of the 
most versatile and creative talents in the history of entertainment.  

After the Summer series ended with "The Man Who Was Thursday" on 
September 5, 1938, the series was continued until December 4 of that
year.  It was during this time that the best known show from this 
series, in fact, the best known radio show, was broadcast, the radio
adaptation of H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds".  

The series didn't end on December 4.  On December 9, 1938, the 
Campbell's Soup Company took up sponsorship of the series, changing 
the name to THE CAMPBELL PLAYHOUSE.  Orsen Welles announced the 
change at the end of the November 6, 1938 broadcast of THE MERCURY 
THEATER.  The first show of the new series aired on Friday at 8:00 

List Comments:


Date     Day Num Title                                 Src Key
-------- --- --- ------------------------------------- ---------
                 <<<<<< "First Person Singular" >>>>>>
                 <<<<<<   series of 9 shows     >>>>>>
07-11-38 Mon   1 Dracula                               123 5
07-18-38 Mon   2 Treasure Island                         34
07-25-38 Mon   3 A Tale Of Two Cities                    345
08-01-38 Mon   4 The Thirty Nine Steps                   3
08-08-38 Mon   5 Three Short Stories: I'm A Fool,        34
                    Open Window, My Little Boy  
08-15-38 Mon   6 Abraham Lincoln                         34
08-22-38 Mon   7 The Affairs of Anatole                 2
08-29-38 Mon   8 The Count of Monte Cristo              2 4
09-05-38 Mon   9 The Man Who Was Thursday                3
                    (last show of the Summer series)

09-11-38 Sun  10 Julius Caesar                           3
09-18-38 Sun  11 Jane Eyre
09-25-38 Sun  12 Immortal Sherlock Holmes              1 3 5
10-02-38 Sun  13 Oliver Twist
10-09-38 Sun  14 Hell On Ice                             34
10-16-38 Sun  15 Seventeen
10-23-38 Sun  16 Around The World In Eighty Days        23
10-30-38 Sun  17 The War of the Worlds                 1 345
11-06-38 Sun  18 Two Stories: Heart of Darkness / Life
                    with Father (Campbell's Soup 
                    Company sponsorship announced)
11-13-38 Sun  19 Passenger To Bali                       3
11-20-38 Sun  20 The Pickwick Papers                   1
11-27-38 Sun  21 Clarence
12-04-38 Sun  22 Bridge of San Luis Rey
                    (last Mercury Theater show)

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 5  Crabapple Sound, 254 Florida Ave, Amsterdam, NY 12010

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Other Logs or Books:

* MERCURY THEATER OF THE AIR log, Jay Hickerson, Box 4321, Hamden, 
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